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Sampler Program (Age 4 & Up) Introducing the Sampler Program from Triple Arts Dance Studio! With this program, you can sample four different dance styles over twelve weeks – Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acrobatics – with no commitment required for the entire season. Try something new and discover which style is right for you.
Ballet (Age 4 & Up) Our Ballet classes provide a strong foundation for aspiring dancers looking to improve their technique. Our classes focus on barre work, the turn out, the five positions of the feet and movement combinations. Our experienced instructors will guide students through the basics of ballet technique, terminology, musicality, choreography and dance history.
Jazz Dance classes for kids
Jazz (Age 4 & Up) Jazz Dance classes offer an exciting and dynamic way to learn classic and contemporary dance styles. Our experienced teachers will introduce students to the fundamentals of Jazz Dance, encompassing a range of styles from ethnic dances to classical ballet. Through this class, dancers will learn syncopated rhythms, body isolations and a range of standard jazz movements.
Tap Dance class for kids in Cambridge, Ontario
Tap (Age 4 & Up) Tap dance is an exciting and fun style of dance that will have you tapping your feet in no time. Our classes introduce dancers to co-ordination exercises, rhythm and musicality through a variety of steps, rhythms, and musicality. Our experienced instructors will ensure you learn the basics and work up to more advanced steps in a safe and fun environment.
Hip Hop/Urban Dance (Age 4 & Up) Our Hip Hop Dance Class at Triple Arts is the perfect way to get your groove on! We focus on musicality and rhythms, as well as introducing dancers to different movements of the urban and street styles such as popping, locking, voguing, jazz funk, dancehall and more. We ensure age-appropriate music and choreography in all classes.
Acro Dance (Age 4 & Up) Acrobatic Dance is an exciting and dynamic dance style that combines elements of classical dance and acrobatic/tumbling components. It is distinguished by its athletic style and choreography to provide a unique and thrilling experience. Acrobatic Dance is perfect for those looking to take their dance skills to the next level
Pre School Program (Age 3 to 3.5) Pre School Dance is the perfect way to get your little ones moving! Our classes focus on the fundamentals of dance, like motor skills and class room etiquette, while also providing a fun and engaging atmosphere. With Pre School Dance, your kids can learn the basics and have lots of fun while doing it. Lessons available for Ballet and Acrobatics.
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