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8-week Summer Sampler Program
(Age 7 & Up) A brand new program here at Triple Arts! Can't decide on a dance class? Sample 4 different dance styles for 8 weeks to help you choose. Try Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Acrobatics every 2 weeks. No commitment required for the full season.
Ballet (Age 4 & Up) Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. Classes centralize on barre work, the turn out, the five positions of the feet  and movement combinations. Dancers will learn technique, terminology, musicality, choreography as well as dance history.
Jazz Dance classes for kids
Jazz (Age 4 & Up) Jazz incorporates different styles from ethnic dances to ballet. Dancers are introduced to syncopated rhythms, body isolations as well as a range of standard movements.
Tap Dance class for kids in Cambridge, Ontario
Tap (Age 4 & Up) Tap dance introduces dancers to co-ordination exercises, rhythm and musicality.
Hip Hop
Hip Hop (Age 4 & Up) This is a fun and energetic class where dancers can learn the latest dance moves. Hip Hop at Triple Arts focuses on musicality and rhythms as well as introducting dancers to different movements that surrounds the urban and street style such as popping, locking, voguing, jazz funk and many more... Triple Arts ensures age appropriate music and choreography in all classes.
Acrobatic Dance
Acro Dance (Age 4 & Up) Acrobatic dance combines elements of classical dance as well as acrobatic components. This unique dance specialty is characterized with its athletic style combined with dance and choreography.
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