• Before entering the facility, you will be asked if you have completed the online COVID-19 DAILY PRE SCREEN FORM, as required by the Ministry of Health. This questionnaire needs to be completed before every class you attend. If you have not completed the questionnaire, you will not be permitted to enter the studio.

  • Each student's temperature will be checked upon entering the building.

  • You will be allowed to bring your water bottle, dance shoes, and other essential items only (keys, phone, wallet, epi-pen, etc.). 

  • Please enter/exit the studio from the BACK of  UNIT 6 door.

  • Upon entry, please remove your outdoor shoes and place them in a cubby, then put on dance shoes. 

  • Next, sanitize your hands.

  • Walk straight to your dance block. Place your personal items on the "my stuff" area, including your water bottle and dance bag. 

  • Place your mask with your bag.

  • Start stretching and warming up for class, while waiting for the other students to enter.

  • Please remain inside your dance block for the duration of your class.

  • Washrooms will be closed except for students in the Minis program. A parent MUST accompany their child to the washroom. 

  • When class is over, you will leave the studio one-by-one, starting with number 9 and working backwards to 1.

  • When leaving class, please sanitize your hands again, put on your shoes and leave the facility, as quickly as possible.

  • We are following social distancing rules, so please keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and any other persons in the facility at all times.​







The Government of Canada, Ontario Ministry of Health and the Region of Waterloo continue to provide up-to-date and evidence-based information on their websites so that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about your health. As this is an evolving situation, we continue to remind people of the importance of using credible sources to stay informed and encourage others to do the same.


Here are some resources to help you stay informed with the most accurate information:



If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.